Saturday, August 22, 2009

More choices!!

There are endless combinations of fabric, colors, and designs out there, but I've chosen some of my favorites and I hope that you'll love them too.
Super fun, fresh, and very cute!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Bugaroo Baby Slings

To order a sling: Send me an email ( with the name of the (1) sling you want, and (2) your size measurement (see the side post "sizing" for instructions on measuring yourself correctly). I'll email you right back to confirm the information.

Each sling also has a coordinating pocket- which is awesome for your phone, a binky, credit cards or fruit snacks, etc.

Brown and Pink Lace

Avocado Damask (currently out of stock...I hope temporarily)

Morning Glory (sky blue background)

Saturday, August 15, 2009

By My Side Blanket

(Coordinates with the Brown and Pink Lace Sling)

The perfect size for the little one. A 14 x 14 blanket is perfect for your baby or toddler to snuggle as they are going to sleep, riding in the carseat, or tote around without dragging. One side is a super soft fabric and the other side a fun and coordinating cotton fabric. They're small enough to take along in the diaper bag. My guy loves having it next to his cheeks as he's going to sleep and also loves to bite and chew on it. Good thing it washes great.
If you'd like to order one, I will email you an attachment with the different options of fabric.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

How to Wear the Sling (and how to take it off)

Unroll the sling. You will notice only one seam which is curved. (When the Sling is rolled up, it fits great in a diaper bag or purse)

Fold the sling inside of itself lengthwise. It will now only be about twelve inches wide. The padded handle should be on the exterior of the sling. The fabric you want to show should be on the outside. (Once you get this down, you will be able to reverse it to the other side with no problem).

Place the sling on your body like a beauty pageant banner. Place the sling over your head and onto your left shoulder. Pull your right arm up through the sling so that the sling lays across your body diagonally. The fold will be near your navel, the open seam will be up and will be where you place the baby.

For your comfort, make sure the fabric is flat across your back before putting your baby in the sling.

The curved seam that you took notice of in step one should align with your right hip. The sling will seem like it's wide on your left shoulder. Once you have the baby in the sling, you can bunch it, or give it an 'off the shoulder' look by pulling the top layer off of your shoulder.

Place the baby in the sling with the baby's head lined up with your left breast. This should feel snug. Using the handle, lift it in an up position, this, along with gravity allows the baby's weight to nicely fall in to the sling in a comfortable position. Take note that the curved side seam is very near your hip or you might feel like the sling is 'twisted'.

The baby's bum should sit at about your navel and the head in a position that looks almost like the baby could breastfeed there.

The sling should enfold the baby on both sides. That means that there should be fabric in between your body and the baby. If the baby feels too low, like it may fall out, then the sling is too big, or is on incorrectly. Please contact me if this is the case. ( Once your baby is positioned, adjust the sling tension by folding fabric over your shoulder.

How to take the sling off:

While still wearing the sling, hold the baby with your left arm. This will support the baby while you release the tension which has been holding the baby. Using your right arm, reach over your right shoulder behind your back (like you're giving yourself a pat on the back). Grab the material of the sling on your back. Once you have a good grip on the sling with your right hand, slowly pull it over your head towards the front of your body. All the while, you are holding the baby with your left arm. Once the sling is off, your baby will still be in the sling. You can lay them down and then take them out, or use your right hand to scoop them out.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Reflux? Colic?

My Doctor determined that my second son had reflux. We found that it was helpful for him to be propped up a bit rather than lying flat. When I carried him in the sling, that's exactly how he sat. I'm NOT a Dr., but I think it helped him feel better. Plus, he was getting held....they always love that!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

what would i DO without my BUGAROO?

After having my second son, I found that not only was my life full, but my hands were full too!

My son didn't like to be put down, yet I still needed to care for my first son and myself. The sling was THE PERFECT solution. I was able to be hands free and yet hold my son. I can't tell you how necessary it was for me to have this in my stash of baby supplies. I've used it to travel-how else do you collapse a stroller while holding a baby?- on the airplane, where he slept most of the way, eating at restaurants, at the park, church, at home while doing household stuff, and being out and about. I not only love my sling, but I need it too.

People asked me where I got it and I slowly started making these for others to use for themselves or give as gifts. It's been snowballing and I've decided to run with it. There are lots of ways to hold the baby as the baby goes through the stages. Right now, my son loves to sit up in it and look around at what's going on. He also still loves to lay in it and sleep. He's 6 months old. It's important that the sling fits perfectly. This way you are comfortable and confident that your baby is secure. As of now, I have samples and am taking orders.

My husband loves the sling too! He loves to hold the baby and have him close, but like most everyone, still needs to have his hands free. It is wonderful to see him bonding with the baby.

I can be contacted at or you can leave a comment.

Hands Free